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  • Dr.
    Dr. Bill Wild has been providing veterinary services for your dogs, cats, and small mammals in Manhattan since January 2004.
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  • Kerri
    Kerri has been working with animals since her teenage years and she has been a valuable member of our team since Grand Prairie opened in July of 2005. Her extensive knowledge in pet care and training has made her quite an asset both to our team and our clients. She has a golden retriever named Brinkley.
  • Jessica
    Jessica is one of the newer members of our team. She is very excited to have gained her Certification as a Veterinary Technician as she is now able to merge her profession with her life-long love of animals. Jessica has two labrador retrievers named Max and Bailey and a newfoundland named Tippy.
  • Megan
    Megan has been with Grand Prairie since 2009. She became a Certified Veterinary Technician this spring and is happy to bring her experience and education to our team to better serve our clients and the health of their beloved pets. Megan has three energetic and fun loving dogs named Bruno, Cleo and Holly; a cat named Lily and various fish, birds and a hamster.
  • Kelly
    Kelly has been a member of the team since the hospital's opening in July of 2005, and she's most likely the friendly voice you hear when calling Grand Prairie. She was a Certified Pharmacy Technician for over ten years before joining the team. She has an adorable Cocker Spaniel named Missy. She is an avid reader and purveyor of weird and wild animal videos to the rest of the staff.
  • Kelly
    Kelly A. (or K2) has been an animal lover since she had her puppies sleep with her in the crib. She started out volunteering at the hospital during her senior year as a graduation requirement. When she was done, she was asked to stay. She's been with the team since early 2007. Along with working at the hospital, she is a full time student at Columbia College Chicago working towards a degree in photography. Her house is always in a state of chaos with her two cats, Toes and Shadow, making themselves the rulers of the house. She looks forward to work each time, and has some of her best memories ever from work.

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